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About Us

We’re here for you to connect, in person, with your art buyers.

This is through a studio experience that includes:

Demonstrating artistic processes

Showing on-going and finished artwork

Revealing your influences, inspirations and story

We’re targeting tourists as well as collectors from across Europe who could visit your studio.

Our criteria.

You must have an interesting, individual studio

You must have an easily accessible studio for public transport

You must be a warm, welcoming artist who can make visitors feel at ease


By Visit My Studio:
If you meet our standards after being independently reviewed, you can start receiving visitors

By each visitor:
Each artist will be continuously reviewed by visitors to maintain a high standard on our platform

Getting Started

Start the process today.

Please make sure that you meet our criteria.

You’ll get an email to confirm your account, then follow the stages to create your profile.

Quotes from our artists
I want to meet people who love my art

Luciano, Paris
Through my sculpture I can, in person, tell the story of my culture

Nelson, Amsterdam
It’s free!

Marie, Amsterdam

Easy payment for sales of artwork

1. List your studio experience for free
2. Receive a booking
3. Get paid after completed visits

Choose your price
Get paid in the currency you choose
Easy payment for sales of artwork as we have payment information of you and your visitor

If you have any questions, send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!